Viridian SmartGlass

An energy efficiant glass, that replaces standard glass in your home to save money on power bills all year round whilst making your home more comfortable.

What does it do

Put simply, SmartGlass reflects infrared heat. So in summer it reflects summer heat away from windows, keeping it cooler. During winter, it reflects heat inward, keeping it warmer. SmartGlass saves on heating and cooling costs all year round.

Why use SmartGlass

SmartGlass is an effective way to boost a home's Star performance with the need to change anything in construction.

Float or toughened glass avalible

Frequently Asked Questions

What is SmartGlass?

SmartGlass is an affordable energy efficient glass that reflects heat to actively insulate your home's windows. This keeps internal temperatures more comfortable. That means less heating and cooling and savings on your power bills.

What does it do?

SmartGlass insulates your windows. In summer, SmartGlass reflects summer heat away from your windows, keeping your home cooler. At night or during winter, it reflects heat inward, keeping your home warmer. So SmartGlass reduces your heating and cooling bills all year round.

What is a Low-E coating?

Low-E stands for Low Emissivity. A low emissivity coating reduces the amount of infrared energy (heat) that passes through the window. There are two main kinds of Low-E coatings – Hard coat and Soft coat Low-E. The Low-E coating on SmartGlass is a hard coat.

Are there different types of SmartGlass?

Yes, there are 4 types of SmartGlass. All SmartGlass has the same insulation benefits, however you can select increasing levels of Solar Protection (SP) from summer heat. The range includes: Clear, Neutral, Green and Grey. The higher the SP, the greater the Solar Protection of the SmartGlass.


SmartGlass SP10 Clear SmartGlass SP30 Neutral SmartGlass SP40 Green SmartGlass SP50 Grey


Polaris Panoramic Oasis Stellar

Where is it available?

SmartGlass is now available through window supplies & builders all across Australia. You can use our Partner locator to find an outlet near you.

How much does SmartGlass improve the Star Rating of my house?

SmartGlass is available in a range of Solar Protection levels. The Star Rating of a home depends on many factors such as climate, house location, orientation, floor plan, building materials, window size and location etc. However - SmartGlass has been modelled in several Australian standard industry energy efficiency software tools and across numerous designs and locations, was able to deliver up to a full Star increase in the performance of the home.

How much is SmartGlass?

SmartGlass is Viridian's most affordable energy efficiency glass ever. It is priced to be an affordable upgrade from ordinary float glass windows. For specific pricing, please contact one of our Partner window suppliers.

How can I get more information on SmartGlass?

You can download a brochure or request one be mailed. You can also call Viridian SmartGlass on 1300 712 155 or contact one of our Partner window suppliers via our Locator Tool.

Are there any advantages for Builders to use SmartGlass?

Absolutely. 6-Star or increased Star Rating compliance is being implemented around Australia right now. SmartGlass is an affordable and simple way to boost your home's Star performance. Builders don't need to change anything in how they plan or construct the home. Just use SmartGlass in place of ordinary glass. It is a very affordable solution that lets you enjoy your natural light and views while being energy efficient. Why would you ever use ordinary glass again?

Can SmartGlass be used for renovations or window refurbishments?

SmartGlass is an ideal solution for renovations and the energy efficient refurbishment of ordinary windows. Because SmartGlass fits into most normal window frames, it can be used as a direct substitute for this glass.

Is SmartGlass safety glass?

SmartGlass is available as either toughened safety glass or normal annealed non safety glass.

What is the SmartGlass warranty?

SmartGlass comes with a 10 year processing warranty on the Low-E coating and the glass itself. Warranties for the window or door frames are provided by each individual partner window supplier. Please refer to their website for their specific warranty on the frames.

What is a hard coat Low-E and how does it differ from soft coat Low-E?

The hard coat Low-E that is used in SmartGlass is applied to the glass while it is still semi-molten as it comes out of the glass making furnace. It is a metallic coating that fuses to the glass permanently. The major difference with a soft coat Low-E is that this coating is applied (like most other coatings), after the glass has cooled. It is very vulnerable to damage and has to be made up with the coating protected inside a double glazed window. SmartGlass hard coat is a very durable coating and can be used like ordinary glass with the coating exposed as a single sheet of glass.

Can you see the Low-E coating?

The Low-E coating in SmartGlass is designed to interact with light, there are certain lighting conditions where a haze might temporarily be visible on the glass. This is not a fault with the glass but simply a characteristic of the Low-E glass.

Will the Low-E coating on SmartGlass scratch?

The Low-E coating on SmartGlass is very durable. It will resist damage from most normal materials including fingernails, plastic, wood, even metal items like light key or coin scratching will only result in the key/coin metal being left behind on the coated surface.

How do you clean SmartGlass?

For normal cleaning of fingerprints etc, we recommend using Windex Clear All Purpose cleaner. For more serious marks such as metal scratches, refer to the cleaning section of the website for how to remove these marks.

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